MRP (Machine Readable / Computerized Passport)

It has been decided by the Government of Pakistan to discontinue Manual passports. Therefore, all Pakistan nationals must obtain Machine Readable Passport (MRP).


The requirements for issuance of Machine Readable/Computerized Passport are the following:-

  • The applicants have to personally appear to process their passports.
  • Original valid National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) or Computerized National Identity Card(CNIC) and copies of both sides (with name of Husband for married Ladies)
  • Original Pakistani previous passport along with 1st and 2nd page photocopies.
  • Original valid German visa along with one copy.
  • For minors (below 18 years): Presence of both parents is mandatory. Following original and valid documents may be produced at the time of processing (i) NICOP/CRC/Form-B (ii) S-1 Form (Birth Certificate issued by Consulate) or Geburtsurkunde (iii) Parents NICOP/CNIC, German Ausweis and passports
  • Police lost report mentioning Number of previous Passport in case of LOST passport OR duly filled “Lost Passport ”.
  • Original bank receipt for payment of fee clearly showing the exact amount, bank’s original stamp, and Consulate General’s bank account number along with Bank Statement showing the transaction.
  • In case an applicant is Asylum Seeker or his/her national status and antecedents are in doubt, a clearance/approval from special branch of police and Intelligence Bureau will be made/sought before processing his/her MRP application. (Proforma)
  • In case of applicant CNIC is expired and is asylum seeker, He/She must apply CNIC online through Nadra website and at the same time submit the forms for National Status clearance from special branch of police and Intelligence Bureau in Passport Section in the consulate.
Fees (fee structure)
(36 Pages)
Validity Fee
Normal 5 Years Euro 36/-
10 Years Euro 54/-
Urgent 5 Years Euro 70/-
10 Years Euro 105/-
Note: (Plus 1,00 Euro as bank charges if paid by debit card at the consulate)

Our bank account for depositing fees is with National Bank of Pakistan, Frankfurt. Account no. is 89091110, bank code 50130000, IBAN: DE30501300000089091110, BIC No: NBPADEFF. However it is preferable,  deposit fee through your bank’s debit card at the electronic deposit machine installed at Reception of the Consulate General. Only those debit cards may be used which are operative in Germany. In case of fee submission in Local (German) Bank, it is mandatory to provide their bank statement (Kontoauzung) showing evidence of deposition of fee in the Consulate General’s designated account along with deposit slip (Uberweisung). Online/cash submission of fee is not acceptable

Please check all requirements before submission of FEE as PASSPORT FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

Application Procedure

Applications for MRPs are accepted from Monday to Thursday at 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon except on public holidays. Upon reaching the Consulate General the applicants should obtain their queue token from the token machine downstairs, after completing documents (photocopies) and wait at the MRP counter for their turn. They should present all required documents to the official at the counter. If everything is in order, the photograph bearing token will be issued and applicants are requested thereafter to proceed to the MRP Section for finger prints, data entry, interview, and if documents are not complete “new queue token” is required for next turn after completing documents. So, please bring photocopies along-with you for application for MRP, because only one photocopy machine is available for applicants which charge 20 cents for each copy and rush is mostly faced in working hours

Important Notice
  • Only the renewal of Passport can be done online. For newborns first requirement is ID card that could be applied online. But Passport for newborn babies could only be applied at Consulate. First-ever Passport (either newborn or otherwise) can not be applied online.
  • In case the applicants are below 18 years of age, they should be accompanied by parents/legal guardians, along with the latter’s original passport and its one copy. The father and mother will be required to sign at a form which will be provided by the Consulate General at the time of application. In case one of the parents is unable to attend other should bring Authority Letter (attested from Notary Public or Auslander Behoerde) bearing no objection for issuance of Passport and original Travel documents of absent parent. In case of Custody to Guardian or Single parent is granted by any court of law, please bring Original Court order with one photocopy.
  • Applicants’ thumbs and index fingers of both right and left hands should be without any indelible coloring e.g. ink or henna (mehndi) for proper fingerprints.
  • It is mandatory that both ears of the applicants are visible at the time of taking photographs.
  • No endorsement in MRP is possible.
  • Names of children cannot be included in the parent’s passport.
  • For applicants serving in the Government of Pakistan service, no objection letter (NOC) from their parent department and authorization from Directorate General of Immigration and Passports are also mandatory.
  • In the case of dual nationals please the bring original passport of that country and its copy along with the Pakistani passport.
  • In the case of Government Officer/Employee (Federal or Provincial departments of Pakistan/Autonomous/ Semi-Autonomous Departments/ Defence Forces), must bring the original NOC addressed to this Consulate for Issuance of Passport by the competent Authority. The employees who have left Government service must bring the original Resignation Acceptance/ Service Termination Certificate.
  • If CNIC/NICOP is valid but the picture does not match your current facial features, please revise the picture on NICOP prior to coming for MRP.
  • An appointment is mandatory in case of application for Diplomatic or Official Passports.
  • Please note that we do not entertain Passport application from Blue/Grey, Refugee/Alien Passport holders. These persons should first get a letter from German authorities, clearly mentioning that “Refugee/Alien Passport has been canceled and retained by concerned authority. Subsequently, regular resident permit shall be issued on production of Pakistani Passport”. Then two inquiries of antecedents, criminal record, and national status will be sent to I.B and Special Branch. After receiving clearance from Pakistani authorities, Pakistani MRP will be issued, subject to completion of all formalities.

The delivery period for normal passports is about 05 to 06 weeks, while urgent passports are delivered in 02 to 03 weeks approximately which includes shipment time from Islamabad to Frankfurt. Applicants are advised to collect their new passports from the Consulate General in person. Please confirm availability of Passport before coming to collect on the website tracking list. The applicants should bring their previous original passport and the receipt at the time of delivery. The new passports can be collected from Monday to Thursday at 09:00-12:00 except on public holidays and during Ramadan. However if due to some unavoidable circumstances the applicants are unable to come to the Consulate General in person, they can collect their new passports through a designated person who carries a signed authority letter from the applicant, his own identity, and the applicant’s previous passport.  Alternatively the applicants can obtain their new passport through post in which case they should send a self-addressed return envelope with Euro 4,05 postage stamps affixed on the envelope along with their previous original passport. In case of applicants residing in countries neighboring Germany, where MRP facility is unavailable, the new MRPs are sent to the Pakistani Embassy/ Consulate situated in the country of their residence, on courier expenses to be borne by the applicants themselves. Such applicants can receive their new passports from the concerned Embassy/ Consulate directly. The Consulate General will not be responsible for the loss of passport through the post. All computerized passports are issued from Islamabad. In case of some other query call on given telephone numbers from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

(Note: Delivered Passport must be signed immediately in a box on page 2, as received. Passport will NOT be valid without signature or thumb impression of the passport holder)

Issuance of Passport in Lieu of Lost Passport

In case of loss of passport following additional requirements are mandatory:-

  • Lost Report from the local Police authorities
  • Photocopy of the lost passport, its number, date, and place of issue, and date of its expiry

Fees for issuance of Passport in lieu of lost passport are given in the following:-

For first lost passport 5 years (normal delivery)Euro 72/-
For first lost passport 5 years (urgent delivery)Euro 140/-
For second lost passport 5 years (normal delivery)Euro 144/-
For second lost passport 5 years (urgent delivery)Euro 280/-

Note: (Plus 1,00 Euro as bank charges if paid by debit card in the consulate)

New passports in place of lost passports are issued only if the previous passport(s) has been verified. Applicants are advised to have their passports in safe custody so as to avoid loss of this important travel document. If the passport is lost for the third time, further renewal is subject to its approval from Directorate General Immigration and Passports,  Islamabad.

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