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Before calling the consulate please visit our website for the required information regarding the consular services e.g. arrivals of renunciation certificates and machine-readable passports. Such lists are immediately placed on the relevant pages of the website upon their receipt from Islamabad and may be checked through tracking on the relevant page of the website. This website has comprehensive information about requirements for all consular services.

Please note:

    • Consular services are not provided on Friday and the consulate remains closed on weekends and public holidays of Pakistan and Germany
    • Please do not call the consulate for queries regarding ONLINE MRP and NADRA services
Please call on the following telephone number
from 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs Monday to Thursday only
Mr. Tariq Khurram
(Nationality Renunciation/Negative Certificate/Attestation/Birth Certificate/Power of Attorney)
Mr. Tanveer Ahmed (Family/visit visa and Afghan visa)   069-698678549
Mr. Waqar Zaman (Business & Tourist visa)   069-698678549
MRP Section (Computerized Passport)   069-698678549

For emergencies (e.g. death) on weekends/closed holidays, you may please drop a text/WhatsApp message regarding the nature of emergency on the following number: +49 152 18555746
(Please note that this number is only for real emergencies. Routine queries would not be responded on this number. Your responsible cooperation would be appreciated)Main Exchange:069-69867850Please note that consuler services are not provided on friday and the consulate remains closed on weekends, public holidays of Pakistan and Germany.Note: Please do not call the consulate for queries regarding ONLINE MRP and NADRA services.Please call on the following telephone numberfrom 1200 hrs to 1300 hrs Monday to Thursday onlyMr. Muhammad Javed Office:   069-698678539(Nationality Renunciation/Negative Certificate/Attestation/Birth Certificate/Power of Attorney) Mr. Syed Asim Akhtar Bukhari (Family/visit visa and Afghan visa) Office:   069-698678538Mr. Amir Mehmood (Business & Tourist visa)Office:   069-698678536MRP Section (Computerized Passport)Office:   069-698678541mrp@pakmissionfrankfurt.deWe can only reply to enquiries relating to Services we provide. For enquiries please email (giving your name and telephone numbers) at: parepfrankfurt@pakmissionfrankfurt.deEschenbachstr. 28,60596 Frankfurt am Main.Tel.: 069-69867850Fax: 069-698678

For queries regarding the consular services, you may contact us at: Contact-Us-Form

For your queries, you may write to us at: (Please also write your name, contact number, so that you may be contacted)

Eschenbachstr. 28, 60596 Frankfurt am Main.
Fax: 069-698678517