Visa for Afghan National/Afghan Origin

All Afghan nationals with valid residence permit for Germany may be granted 45 days single entry gratis visa. German nationals of Afghan origin may also be granted visa for 45 days after the payment of visa fee. Fee will be Euro 46 for a single entry visa.

For issuance of visa your passport must be valid for at least six months.
The applicant must provide:

  • A complete visa application form  (Visa Form).
  • Two addresses of the relatives/sponsor in Pakistan and ID CARD COPY.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Original passport along with one photocopy.
  • Copy of birth certificate for children below 18 years of age and visa application form must be signed by both the parents or sign Authority Letter)
  • Two identical passport size photographs measuring 2×1.5 inches with light blue background.
  • Proof of recent residence permit in the area of the jurisdiction of the consulate must be provided by an applicant who does not hold German nationality.
  • A duly signed invitation, on a stamp paper, containing the CNIC number of the host in Pakistan may be provided in original.
  • Visa fee (for German Passport holders)
    • Single Entry                                    46  Euros
  • The visa fee must be deposited in the following account:
Bank: National Bank of Pakistan, Frankfurt am Main.
IBAN DE30501300000089091110
Account No 89091110
BLZ 50130000
      • Payment of fee through E.C Cards at the Consulate is encouraged.
      • Payments via Credit Card/cash are not accepted.
      • Visa fee is NON-REFUNDABLE (Please make sure that the right amount of fee is deposited in the right account)
  • If an applicant sends his application by courier/post, original receipt must be submitted with bank stamp.
  • VISA can only be applied by post or in person. For post, a self-addressed registered envelope with a postage stamp of Euros 4.05 for return of documents. Incomplete visa applications will be returned. The normal processing time for Visa application by post is three (3) weeks after the receipt of the application in the Consulate. In-person applications must be submitted between 9:00 to 12:00 hours during working days. Appointment is not required/needed for submission of visa applications
  • The original bank slip must be provided with the visa application.
  • Note: (Plus 1,00 Euro as bank charges if paid by debit card at the consulate)